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Seven Balloon Floor Decorations


Hilton Hotel - Blackpool


De Vere Hotel - Blackpool


Foil Star Arch & Spiral Pillars

Foil Heart Spiral Table Decoration


Fuchsia & Black - De Vere Hotel


De Vere Hotel - Blackpool


Double Bubble Table Decoration



Pearl Arch on Spiral Base



Spiral Arch


Pearl Arch over Top Table


Single Arch for Cake Table


3ft. Exploding Balloon


Spiral Shamrock

Cake Arch with 5" Balloons


Spiral Columns


Inverted Cloud Nines Used on Low Ceilings

Spiral Arch

7 Foot Christmas Tree


Spiral Column with Foil Heart


Floor decoration with Deco Bubbles


7 Balloon Table Decoration with Foil Heart

Bride & Groom - 18 Inches High


18 Inch Fantasy Tree Table Decoration


Post Box


Party People - 18 Inches High